p.s. follow my new blog that I made like 11 months ago

aaaand now I start my refollow spree.

when I get back I’ll start refollowing yaaaay

ok I’m remaking

if you get a new follow that’s me

I’m thinking about remaking???

you know as a fresh start

uh yeah but still wtf did you think that I wouldn’t see that

either way I don’t really care lol

welp that wasn’t vague at all .-.

idk you’re chill now, kind of and that was mainly targeted at old you




I will write about the following, leave one in my ask box;

Dear person I hate,

Dear person I like,

Dear ex boyfriend,

Dear ex girlfriend,

Dear ex bestfriend,

Dear bestfriend,

Dear *anyone*,

Dear Santa,

Dear mom,

Dear dad,

Dear future me,

Dear past me,

Dear person I’m jealous of,

Dear person I had a crush on,

Dear girlfriend,

Dear boyfriend

I can’t sleep so why the hell not? Ahaha, 😏

cool at 4:50 I leave for a dinner party with a bunch of old people /m/

Is that “Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo” thing legitimate oh my god